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Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group: BCG Perspectives. COVID-19. Facts, scenarios, and actions for leaders. Publication #2 with a focus on: Preparing for the restart, 20.4.2020. Inhaltsverzeichhnis: 1. COVID-19 Context and Development: Disease progression, health care system capacity, and response Government policies and action. 2. Economic response. Scenarios and key drivers. Business impact. 3. Guide for leaders: Determining government action. Considering ecosystem interdependencies. Navigating businesses through the crisis.

Aufruf afrikanischer Intellektueller

Offener Brief Wole Soyinkas (Literatur-Nobelpreisträger 1986) und weiterer zahlreicher Schriftsteller*innen und Wissenschaftler*innen (englisch): The Time to Act is Now. Letter Addressed to African Leaders Concerning the COVID-19 Crisis, 13.4.2020.