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Materials relevant to the Covid 19 pandemic

mRNA vaccines in comparison

Arjun Puranik, Patrick J. Lenehan, Eli Silvert, Michiel J.M. Niesen, Juan Corchado-Garcia, John C. O’Horo, Abinash Virk, Melanie D. Swift, John Halamka, Andrew D. Badley, A.J. Venkatakrishnan, Venky Soundararajan: Comparison of two highly-effective mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 during periods of Alpha and Delta variant prevalence, in: medRxiv (August 21, 2021),

Although clinical trials and real-world studies have affirmed the effectiveness and safety of the FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccines, reports of breakthrough infections and persistent emergence of new variants highlight the need to vigilantly monitor the effectiveness of these vaccines. Continue reading

Mortality and Adaptation Options

Quentin De Larochelambert, Andy Marc, Juliana Antero, Eric Le Bourg, Jean-François Toussaint: Covid-19 Mortality: A Matter of Vulnerability Among Nations Facing Limited Margins of Adaptation, in: Frontiers in Public Health, Vol. 8, Artikel 604339, November 2020.

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Moderna vaccine

Arznei-Telegramm: Neu auf dem Markt. Covid-19-Impfstoff von Moderna, in: arznei-telegramm, No. 52 (January 22, 2021), pp. 1-4.

In this issue of arznei-telegramm, the authors deal with the Covid-19 vaccine from the company Moderna.

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Vaccines – hope or risk?

Arznei-Telegramm: Im Blickpunkt. Impfstoffe gegen Covid-19. Anlass zur Hoffnung oder unkalkulierbares Risiko?, in: arznei-telegramm Nr. 51 (18. Dezember 2020), pp. 89-92. (In Focus. Vaccines against Covid-19: Cause for hope or incalculable risk?).

In the December issue of arznei-telegramm, the authors of this article discussed the hopes for an effective vaccine that could help contain the pandemic, and the risks that these fast-track vaccines could pose.

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Vaccines – state of knowledge unsatisfactory

BUKO Pharma-Kampagne (ed.): Nutzen von Covid-19 Impfungen. Wissensstand noch unbefriedigend, in: Pharma-Brief 10, December 2020. (Benefits of Covid-19 vaccinations. State of knowledge still unsatisfactory.)

In its article, BUKO Pharma-Kampagne addresses the issue of vaccines against the coronavirus.

“Several vaccines against covid-19 are close to approval or have already received emergency approval. But what do we even know about benefits and risks? The media reports high vaccine efficacy of 90% or more. The reports suggest that this means preventing severe disease and interrupting transmission of Covid-19. This is a misunderstanding, probably triggered by the fact that the figures circulating were based largely on brief press releases from the manufacturers, not on independently peer-reviewed scientific publications about the vaccines.”

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World Bank Report

World Bank Group (ed.): Poverty and Shared Prosperity 2020: Reversals of Fortune. Washington, DC: World Bank, 2020.

The Poverty and Shared Prosperity series provides a global audience with the latest and most accurate estimates on trends in global poverty and shared prosperity. For more than two decades, extreme poverty was steadily declining. Now, for the first time in a generation, the quest to end poverty has suffered its worst setback.

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Influenza Mortality

John Paget and others: Global mortality associated with seasonal influenza epidemics: New burden estimates and predictors from the GLaMOR Project, in: Journal of Global Health, No. 2 (December 2019) Vol. 9.

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Final Report Heinsberg

Final report of the “Heinsberg Study”

Hendrik Streeck and others: Infection fatality rate of SARS-CoV-2 infection in a German community with a super-spreading event, 4 May 2020

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