Pandemic History

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The history of pandemics

Health Insurance & Mortality

Karen Clay, Joshua Lewis, Edson Severnini, Xiao Wang: The Value of Health Insurance during a Crisis: Effects of Medicaid Implementation on Pandemic Influenza Mortality, in: IZA Discussion Paper Series No. 13200, April 2020.

In this article, the authors examine the impact of improved access to public health insurance on infant mortality during pandemics.

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Mortality 1918/20

Niall P. A. S. Johnson, Juergen Mueller: Updating the Accounts: Global Mortality of the 1918-1920 “Spanish” Influenza Pandemic, in: Bulletin of the History of Medicine 1 (2002) 76, pp. 105-115.

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A History of Influenza

Christopher W. Potter: A history of influenza, in: Journal of Applied Microbiology 91 (2001), pp. 572-579.

In this article, the author describes the core data of past influenza epidemics and pandemics.

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Redistributive Effects

Sergi Basco, Jordi Domenech and Joan R. Roses: The Redistributive Effects of Pandemics: Evidence of the Spanish Flu, in: Economic Histroy Working Papers No. 308 (May 2020).

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Long-Run Persistence

A Note on Long-Run Persistence of Public Health Outcomes in Pandemics.

Peter Zhixian Lin und Christopher Meissner: A Note on Long-Run Persistence of Public Health Outcomes in Pandemics, in: NBER Working Paper Series, Working Paper 27119, May 2020.

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Lockdown effects

Lockdown effects and influenza pandemic: USA 1918/19

Robert J. Barro: Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions and Mortality in U.S. Cities During the Great Influenza Pandemic,1918-1919, in: NBER Working Paper Series, Working Paper 27049, April 2020.

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