Kritische Blicke auf die Coronakrise und ihre Folgen
Kritische Blicke auf die Coronakrise und ihre Folgen

Final Report Heinsberg

Final report of the “Heinsberg Study”

Hendrik Streeck and others: Infection fatality rate of SARS-CoV-2 infection in a German community with a super-spreading event, 4 May 2020



In April 2020, an interdisciplinary team from the University of Bonn carried out a random sample to assess the frequency and lethality of the Covid 19 pandemic. They chose the village of Gangelt in the district of Heinsberg (North Rhine-Westphalia), where a focus of infection had formed towards the end of February. The researchers interviewed 919 participants from 405 randomly selected households, tested them for an acute Covid-19 infection and took blood samples to clarify a possible already existing immunity against the virus.
This was the first representative survey conducted in Germany. The results and their interpretation by the research group triggered lively controversy.

Press release of the University of Bonn on the study

Link to the manuscript of the final report