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Open letter to the government factions

No dilution of the legislative initiative on the meat industry!

On October 29th, the German Bundestag was to pass the Federal Government’s draft for the Occupational Safety and Health Control Act in the meat industry in its last reading. Under pressure from parts of the CDU/CSU, the vote has now been postponed. The opponents of the draft law want to prevent, among other things, the planned ban on temporary work.

No sooner have the scandalous working conditions and mass infections in the meat industry disappeared from public perception than the meat industry lobby attacks again: What seemed to be the consensus of all parties (except the AFD) during the 1st reading is now suddenly controversial.

It is not only subcontractors but also temporary employment agencies that have stood for countless transgressions of norms and laws in the past years: extremely long working hours, wage fraud, miserable housing and living conditions, arbitrary dismissals. The mass infections with the COVID-19 virus are only the final expression of this misery.

Work contracts and temporary work in the meat industry must finally be abolished. And also the exploitation of employees in other industries must finally have consequences, from the parcel service to agriculture! The draft law is a start:

We call on the Federal Government not to water down the planned industrial safety control law!

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