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Giorgio Agamben’s Visions of the End Time

Karl Heinz Roth: Im Bann des ‚Großen Lockdown‘: Giorgio Agamben‘s Endzeitvisionen (Under the Spell of the ‘Great Lockdown’: Giorgio Agamben’s Visions of the End Time), Bremen 2021.

During the first pandemic year, there was considerable turbulence in the field of political philosophy. In particular, the opinions of the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben caused a stir.[1] At the beginning of the first wave of the pandemic, he declared, referring to an expert opinion of the Italian National Research Council, that Covid-19 was an ‘invented epidemic’, since the actual events did not differ in any way from the seasonal influenza that had been occurring for a long time. It is therefore a deliberate scaremongering by the authorities and the media, who are aiming for a comprehensive state of emergency. Behind the restrictions on freedom of movement and on normal living and working conditions, the tyrants’ old dream of a frightened, docile and unrestrictedly manipulable people was making itself felt. Continue reading

Popular Belief and Fake News

Translation of:

Sergio Bologna: Credenze popolari e fake news, 2021.

Back to the Middle Ages. That’s how someone defines today’s age, which is populated by beliefs that used to be called “popular beliefs,” spread via social networks and the many “wisdom sources” with which gurus and prophets of various origins earn their bread. That Covid-19 is a flu no different from the flu waves that have been occurring every year for decades is just a typical “popular belief” of today. Continue reading

Oxfam Inequalitiy Report

Oxfam Deutschland e.V. (Ed.): Das Ungleichheitsvirus. Wie die Corona-Pandemie soziale Ungleichheit verschärft und warum wir unsere Wirtschaft gerechter gestalten müssen (The Inequality Virus. How the Corona Pandemic Exacerbates Social Inequality and Why We Need to Make Our Economy Fairer), Berlin, January 2021.

Ahead of the World Economic Forum, Oxfam publishes the report “The Inequality Virus.” The report shows how the Corona pandemic is exacerbating social inequality and why the solution lies in a just economic system.

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Seesen Appeal

The ver.di team delegates (Vereinigte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft: United Services Trade Union) at the Askleipos Clinic in Seesen (Germany) are positioning themselves against the ruthless profit maximization by the commercial hospital group Askleipos and are fighting for the best possible patient care. Endorsed by solidary, prominent first supporters, they are looking for further supporters to join their demands.

Link to the appeal as PDF file

Culture and solidarity

Culture and solidarity are food for soul and body:

A plea for a dignified basic income – or why there must be no losers in this global pandemic

by Konstantin Wecker

From the beginning, Konstantin Wecker passionately fought for global solidarity in the fight against Covid-19. To this day he remains firmly convinced that there can be no losers in this global pandemic.
That is why Konstantin Wecker has written and recorded a current plea for a decent basic income and an immediate rent freeze:

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Open letter to the government factions

No dilution of the legislative initiative on the meat industry!

On October 29th, the German Bundestag was to pass the Federal Government’s draft for the Occupational Safety and Health Control Act in the meat industry in its last reading. Under pressure from parts of the CDU/CSU, the vote has now been postponed. The opponents of the draft law want to prevent, among other things, the planned ban on temporary work.

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